ZDNet Education: “Tableau Software recently announced that it would begin giving away its Tableau Desktop analytics software. Having spent some time with the tool, I can say that this could mark a turning point in the way students think about data.”


Classroom Technology: “Ready or not, schools are being forced to offer online or hybrid classes. AV Specialist Michael David Leiboff shares five tips to help colleges and universities prepare their classrooms for the lecture capture needs of today and tomorrow.”

Campus Technology: “The digital age has made copying text, photos, and videos a very easy proposition. Where students were once relegated to using encyclopedias and other resources to find information – and then copy that information by hand in their own pieces of work – all of that information and more is now just a few clicks away on the Web. College professors wishing to bring out their students’ originality and creativity face a uphill battle in the information age, what with the plethora of information sources that are literally at their pupils’ fingertips.”

Wired Campus: “A free-textbook company that was sued last year by three major textbook publishers has now rewritten the content it was accused of stealing.”

Wired Campus: “Who should lead innovation in education—teachers or entrepreneurs? That key question was in the air here at this year’s South by Southwest Edu conference, which brought together a mix of entrepreneurs and educators for four days of panels and a competition for education start-ups.”

Wired Campus: “Handing over your car keys to a complete stranger is an accepted risk for the benefit of valet parking. But what about handing over access to your inbox for the benefit of increased productivity?  Researchers at Stanford University are finding that people could be willing to do just that—with the right security in place.”

Wired Campus: “The long-planned Digital Public Library of America is set to make its public debut on schedule next month, with a two-day series of events, to be held April 18-19 at the Boston Public Library, and a new, high-profile leader at the helm.”