I’ve been running this news aggregation blog since January 2010, and it is with a touch of sadness that I announce the end of the blog.  With the availability of news via Twitter, smartphones, RSS feeds, and other social media sites, there is little need to continue on with this site.  Thanks to everyone who has followed it the last three years, and best wishes.  – Eric LePage


ProfHacker: “Although Yahoo! has tried its level best to destroy it, and despite the arrival of other photo sharing sites, Flickr is still the easiest way to share and find quality images, whether for web sites or for slide decks. I’ve written before about how we use Flickr’s Creative Commons search abilities to find pictures for ProfHacker.”

TechNewsWorld: “An outline can be a great road map for helping writers get their thoughts together. Most maps, though, offer more than one way to a destination. Tree ditches a traditional linear approach to give users the flexibility they sometimes need; horizontal and vertical abilities add more outline options, but not at the expense of usability. Nice text control and export features will help Tree plant some strong roots in any writer’s garden.”

Wired Campus: “The American Anthropological Association publishes more than 20 journals. None is open access. The public currently has to wait 35 years after publication to have free access to articles, according to a spokeswoman for the group.”

Wired Campus: “Universities and foundations have poured more than $100-million into creating open-education materials. But according to David Wiley, an open-education advocate for 15 years, faculty members and administrators have been slow to use the resources as alternatives to expensive textbooks.”

ProfHacker: “Like many followers of ProfHacker, we like to experiment with social media in our classrooms. And though digital tools have become an integral part of our efforts to engage students, we’re continually surprised by unexpected successes or failures.  We found ourselves talking about just that topic toward the end of the fall semester as we realized that we had created similar social media projects for our students, one with Facebook and one with Tumblr.”

ZDNet Education: “You’ve heard about InBloom. Now the Ed-Fi Alliance is bringing even more big data sensibility to states and districts.”